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If You Could See Me

Written By: Anachan

This was written when I was roughly 30-ish. I had started writing poetry again, after a long interval of not having written anything, and I was learning that I actually enjoyed writing in poetic forms better than writing freestyle, which I had primarily done while in college. This is in iambic pentameter, but it follows no set rhyme scheme, although it includes some random couplets.

If You Could See Me, by Anneliese Kvamme

If you could see me taking up my pen,
You would, perhaps, not see the whirl inside
Of hope and fear, of dread regrets I hold
Beneath the calm I show to all the world.
No other way I’ve found to well dispell
The hidden hurts and anguished feelings there.
My words release the tensions, for a time,
Bring order as I struggle for the rhyme
And meter of a sonnet or a verse–
Seek peace within the discipline of words.
So when the storm becomes too much to bear,
I write to you, and find great solace there.