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Private Victory

Written By: Anachan

This was written for . . . World of Warcraft. Yes, I played World of Warcraft for a few years, I raided with a guild team, and I was an officer in the guild. I wrote this after someone on the Blizzard forums presented a challenge to write WoW poetry. It is a Shakespearean sonnet, although I space it a little differently, and it may be unintelligible to those who are unfamiliar with gaming chat.

Private Victory, by Anneliese Kvamme (Anachan, in the WoW world)

Come forth! Ye heroes fresh from yonder kill,
And claim rewards still coveted abroad–
Announce with glory honor won with skill
And stand aloft while all the crowds applaud–

Or will they?  Will the jaded players laugh
Instead, to see you stand and shout with pride?
Will cries of “Srus Bzns” ring from half
The crowd, while others simply take in stride

The red in chat, the wide display of mounts
As you, rejoicing, take a vict’ry lap?
Is this the kind of thing which really counts
When others do not seem to care a scrap?

For if you seek your server to impress,
You may discover hollow’s your success.