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Stretch Forth Thy Hand

Written By: Anachan

It is no secret that I am religious. I believe that Christ is our Savior, and that He wants us to repent and become more like Him. The challenge comes in our day-to-day living, when it is so easy to make mistakes, sometimes mistakes for which we may not feel we are worthy of forgiveness. I wrote this Shakespearean sonnet when I was 30-ish, pondering this idea.

Stretch Forth Thy Hand, by Anneliese Kvamme

I thirst! yet do not take the proferred cup
Of wine or water, sent to cleanse my soul.
My silent thoughts in my misdeeds bound up,
In anguish cry my spirit be made whole.
Ungrateful man! who knowing good from ill
Yet chose to still ignore that whispering voice–
How can I hope to merit His grace still?
Can stained hearts heal and once again rejoice?
Oh, Lord, who died for me and all mankind,
Look down upon my face bowed in despair.
Help me to see, to know, and finally find
The blessed peace that cometh by thy care.
Stretch forth thy hand, that with thy perfect love
I may be cleansed, to see thy face above.