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Cupid’s Arrow

Written By: Anachan

This was another attempt to write SCA poetry. (I was wondering if I could ever manage to produce something good enough for a Renaissance bardic competition.) It is written in a Shakespearean sonnet format, but the language is somewhat overly melodramatic. (For a bardic performance, that might not be such a bad thing.)

Cupid’s Arrow, by Anneliese Kvamme

Beware the stealthy archer, maiden fair,
The hunter creeping softly in the night,
For what does darkness paint with beauty rare,
Is common in the all-revealing light.

Keep safe thy virtue, hide thy beauty well,
From roguish men who with a flourish bow.
Behind their molded visage, who can tell
What thoughts unscrupled minds might well allow?

Trust not the words which cause thy soul to sigh,
Delivered by a servant’s hand or friend.
For deeds in secret done, in darkness lie,
Foretelling shame and sorrow in the end.

Guard well thine maiden honor and thy heart,
For Cupid’s arrow is a poisoned dart.