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Sonnet to a Cavalier

Written By: Anachan

This was written when my husband and I were playing with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), in appreciation of our first good friend in the Society. I decided to try to use the Italian sonnet form, rather than the Shakespearean sonnet. It’s a little clumsy, but it works.

Sonnet to a Cavalier, by Anneliese Kvamme

Thine eyes are hollow, and I have glimpsed thy soul–
What gentleness and honor are found therein.
Though I, myself, have but little seen,
As ribbons of light glimpsed in forest hollow
Cascading through dancing leaves to fill the shadow
Bring promises of greater warmth and light unseen
Residing o’er the canopy of wooded green–
The Source of Life in splendid, fiery show–
So echoes of Spirit, perceived by quiet eyes
Betray magnificence cloaked in courtly cover
As voluminous as the sun in heaven is bright.
Pray accept this wish which in my heart doth lie–
That thy sword be swift and sure forever,
Thine honor unstained, thy heart right.